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The Game of Craps

1st Craps Strategy

If you bet on a number, it is better to maximize it in the next round if you won in the first round so that you give yourself a greater chance of maximizing your wins. Do not loose hope too early and leave when you are on a winning sprawl.

Craps Strategy

2nd Craps Strategy

Pass line bets are some of the best in craps game. You need to maximize your odds on pass line bets if you can afford. This is a point many players ignore even though it looks rather obvious that it should be considered.

Playing Craps

How to play craps? The same as how to play slots. Craps is a simple game which does not have any complicated strategy other than common sense and a little mathematical probability. Craps table permits up to 20 players at a time. It is played with two dice which rolled against a wall by a shooter who stands on the opposite side. The bet is based on the outcome of totals of two dice rolled. Players have to make their bets before rolling begins. The player who rolls the dice is called a shooter. Players can alternate the shooting role in an anticlockwise manner. It is not a must for every player to be a shooter but it is a must for the shooter to place his or her bet first and to bet on a positive outcome like the come bets.

Come bet is the opposite of don't come bet and if one wins, the other loses. In the first round of play there is some middle ground if neither party gets any of their winning numbers but the game never ends like that. It moves to the next point which would not provide for a middle ground where one side wins of the other. A come bet wins if the total of the dice is a 7 or 11 while don't come bets win the total is 2, 3 or 12. If this happens in the first round then one group wins while the other loses. But there are many other possible outcomes and they do occur.

Incase the dice totals result in a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the game moves to a point. The particular number obtained is declared the point and the next round of the game is played against that number. All the bets are kept as they were and the rolling continues. If the point is rolled before a 7, the come bets win while if 7 is rolled before the point the don't come bets win. Some of the rules of blackjack can be applied to the craps, like bankroll management.

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