To Win at Craps

How to Play

There are several types of bets to make at craps and to win at craps require that you get a roll outcome which favors your bet. The more common bets are come bets and don't come bets. The shooter or the player who rolls the dice is expected to automatically place a come bet. This is a position he can not change until the game is won and he feels he has to change to don't come bets then he has to cease to be a shooter. The other players who are not shooters are free to choose to either bet on come bets or don't come bets. But every interested player has to make his or her bet before the play actually starts.

When the dice are rolled and the total of the results are either 7 or 11, the don't come bets loose. If the rolling outcomes total 2, 3 and 12, the don't come bets win and the come bets loose. If on the other hand 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 features, then the exact figure is a taken as a point from which the game moves into round two. At that point there is no winner and sing is put to show that the play has moved to a point and the exact point is indicated. In the online roulette only luck matters, but in this game you can influence it.

In round two, the rules are that the dice be rolled again and if the number which was declared the point is rolled before the number seven, then the come bets win. If on the other hand number seven rolled before point number, then the don't come bets win. To win at craps it is better to bet on come bet since there are higher probabilities for a 7 or 11 to occur than for 2, 3, and 12 to occur for you to win on a don't come bet.

Online Casino Tips

Craps is a chance game and when two dice are rolled at any one time there are up to 36 possible outcomes. The numbers that are in the middle between two and twelve stand higher chances of occurring than either two or twelve which each have only one probability out of 36. To win online, you need to always consider that the probability of getting a total of seven remains the highest in craps and it is safer to bet on a condition that requires 7 to win. This is an important consideration though it is not guaranteed that the seven will come up more often than other numbers. Also try to apply the craps strategy or roulette strategy to your games.

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