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How to Play Slots

Playing Slots

How to Play SlotsSlot machines are of varied types depending on the number of reels and pay lines. Three to five reels are more popular today with between three and nine pay lines. One does not need much lessons on how to play slots but you need to read the pay table provided for each slot machine which will tell you how to bet on that machine and the kind of game the machine is offering. You would be able to know whether it offers progressive slots or not.

Basically you will be required to insert coins in the pay line slots provided and you will need a coin for every pay line you are betting on. There is a handle to pull or a button to press to spin the reels to get the winning combination. The pay table will tell you which symbol combination you require to win and how you are paid for every pay line you win on. It needs be remembered that the usage of the term coin in slots does not mean slots is a cheap game requiring only coins. The coins denote specific values.

After placing your bets in the slots provided you require spinning the reel by whichever option is provided and wait for the reels to stop. If the required winning symbol combination comes up then you win. The different pay lines are like different pins and you only win if you betted on the line where a winning combination symbol comes up. If a winning symbol combination comes up on line that you had not betted then you do not win and that is how to play online slots.

Online Slots

Slots have become more popular since the invention of internet casinos. Today online slot is reputed to comprise a greater percentage of all casino revenues. Some people may be wondering whether you can get the same experience from online slots as the land based slots. The answer is a definite yes. And you would be pleasantly surprised to find that you could get a much better deal on slots online than in land based casinos. Online casinos experience stiffer competition for which reason they pay back 4-6% higher on average than land based casinos. Though this could also be attributed to the fact there are less overhead costs online as compared to land based casinos.

You find a wider variety of slots online and you will be able to choose the machine to play on without any hindrance at any time of the day or night. On land based casinos you may find your preferred machine busy in which case you may have to wait or look for another machine. You can compare it to online video poker.

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