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Rules of Blackjack

Gaming Rules

blackjack rulesIt is necessary to know the rules of blackjack that govern both the play of the dealer and the player for you must play by them to win and you also need to observe that the dealer is playing by them for you to have a fair chance in the game. Blackjack inherently has a high house edge like every gambling game. In blackjack the player is given the first opportunity to play his game first before the dealer has his turn. To counter the high house edge for the dealer, the dealer is allowed less flexibility than the player though this also varies from casino to casino.

A player is dealt two cards at the beginning facing up. The dealer is also entitled to two cards which may both be dealt initially but only one card will be face up or in some games the dealer only takes one card face up at the beginning of the play and draws the second card once the player has completed his hits.

The rule of blackjack is to get 21 or closest possible without going over board which is considered busting and results in an automatic loss. Between the dealer and the player whoever gets higher points than the other without exceeding 21 is the winner. Cards from 2 to 10 assume their face value for counting and gaming purposes while the ace is assigned two possible values but you can only use one at a time. The values are 1 and 11 and the decision as to which value to assume depends on how it affects your counting towards the figure 21. Queens, kings, and jacks all assume the value 10. Having point totals which include an ace is called a soft hand for the reason that a lower value of an ace may be assumed incase there is a busting threat.

A player or a dealer is said to have a blackjack if in possession of on ace and another 10 value card and this is a win. A blackjack can only be obtained in the first two cards dealt or else you would talk of a simple 21. If you are interested in the games of luck, you can try win at craps.

Playing Options

Hitting - This is the act of asking for additional cards beyond the initial two cards dealt. To hit means to take another card.

Standing - To stand means a player has decided not to continue playing but to stop so the dealer can play his hands. This happens when the player feels there is a real threat of busting by playing another card.

Splitting - Comes in when you find yourself with similar cards whose total value is below 18. You split to play another card if that will give you better totals. You are free to choose any strategy you like.

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