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Online Video Poker

Video Poker

Nude playingPlaying online video poker has a lot of resemblance to playing slots. You require placing your bets and clicking on the play button to spin the wheels. But in the case of video poker, when you press play the machine spins to deal you a card. You engage the machine 2 times to give you two cards for a start. You continue to engage the machine to give you more cards then you choose to drop some cards. The machine replaces the cards you choose to discard and then the machine weighs your hands in comparison to the standard poker hand scale. If a player wins he can double his prize if he picks one out of five cards the machine provides (face down). If the player is lucky enough to pick a card that has higher value than the one the machine picked randomly, then player wins a double of his bet.

There are more varieties of poker games especially online video poker. Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild are some of the most common video poker machines found online. Many video poker machines run progressive jackpots which pay out winners according to the scale. The jackpot is divulged if the Royal Flush is hit. Video poker machine offer many pay lines which make it possible to make different bets at the same time. There are different manufactures for online video poker machines though the machines operate in a similar manner and there are just a few cosmetic differences on the designs of the machines.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are usually virtual extensions of land based casinos. They endeavor to offer similar quality online as they do in their casinos. The online option simply provides them an opportunity to reach the many customers that they would wish to serve but can not physically get to their premises. Online customers serve themselves from the machines and can not be a nuisance like some customers can be in the casino hall for which reason the casinos have very limited overhead costs and can therefore offer better bonuses. There is also more competition online which makes it imperative for casinos to offer their bets to attract new players and to retain the ones they have.

Online casinos are more flexible to operate and play on since you access them from your computer and choose the machine you want to play without much hustle. This you can do at any time without ever worrying about being too late or too early. Prominent casinos offer 24 hour customer support which should make your game smoother all round the clock. IF you also play blackjack, you can apply some of the strategies to the video poker, if you find it appropriate.

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