Online Roulette

Basic Rules

Roulette does not have any strategies or skill requirements to play except to follow the basic rules you will find on a roulette table guiding minimum betting amounts and betting patterns. This is true of online roulette as it is true of land based roulette casino. Land based casino roulette table permits up to six players. On the online version you play alone wherever you are with your computer. Players are given different colored betting chips to help both the players and the dealer distinguish their chips. The chips have different values and represent the amounts you are betting for. Each roulette table has its minimum betting requirement and is $20 in many online casinos in the regions mentioned above.

You would be required to purchase the chips before taking a seat at a roulette table and you would cash them out at the table before leaving. It is possible for a player to request a higher value for his chip since the indicated chip values are limited but players much higher betting limits than indicated on the chips.

The American roulette table layout has 38 lots numbered 0, 00 and from 1 to 36. Online roulette has a similar lay out though it is important to note the European version is more popular online than the American. The part of the betting area that is numbered is referred to as the 'inside' betting area and consists of a number of bets starting from single number bets to six number bets. There are also outside bets which include various classification of numbers.

Betting in Roulette

Single number bet requires betting on the possibility of only one particular number being the final resting slot for the roulette ball once it stops rolling after the spinning of the wheel. It is the most difficult bet to win but promises the highest payout ratio of 35 to 1.

Two number bet means betting on two numbers as the probable winners in roulette spin. The likelihood of winning increases slightly but the pay out ratio falls to 17 to 1.

Three number bet means betting on a row of three numbers and you win if the ball rests on any one number in the row. The pay out ratio is 11 to 1.

Four number bet means betting on four numbers in a corner. If the ball rests on one number you win and are entitled to a payout ratio of 8 to 1.

Five number bet implies betting on the five numbers bordering and including the zero pockets. This bet gives the dealer an extra edge and is least desirable.

Odd or even number bet offers increased likelihood of winning but comes with a low payout ratio of 1 to 1.

Red or black bet is similar to odd or even except that you are using a different criterion. It comes with the same probability of winning and a pay out ratio of 1 to 1. You might also consider the craps strategies, in case you find some interesting points you can apply in the roulette game.

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