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Blackjack Strategy

Strategy Charts

Blackjack Strategy

Strategy charts is considered an effective way of working you ways towards winning blackjack though they do not reduce the house edge. Strategy charts guide you on what moves are appropriate to make at any particular time once you have been dealt the initial two cards and you do not have a blackjack. They are just a guide telling you what is sensible to do or not to do in any particular situation for you to remain in contention for the win. These are based on the value of the cards you are dealt initially and whether you have an ace which makes your hands soft or not. In order to use the strategy, you need to know the rules of blackjack.

Remember you play to get a total of 21. The dealer is required to continue hitting until he gets 17 or above where he will stand if he does not bust. As a player you are required to get at least 18 knowing very well that the dealer has to keep hitting until he obtains a 17 or above. It means that if you have a figure less than 18 you stand very little chances of winning since the dealer will most likely stand a head of you and he wins unless he busts which then gives you a win. Some games permit dealers to stand on a hard 17 only while others permit both a soft and a hard 17 for the dealer.

As a player, if you obtain any number below a hard 17 you have to hit for the simple fact that the dealer stops above that and for the fact that your chances of busting are not that great yet though there are possibilities. If you have an ace that makes your hands soft then you can play more flexibly even if you have 18 or above. But if you get 19 or 20 then you definitely need to stand because this leaves in a very strong position to beat the dealer's hands.

The strategy charts also guide on when to take such actions as splitting pairs or doubling down depending on the dealer's face up card. Usually when the dealer's face up card is a ten or an ace then that means there are prospects his face down card could be a ten or an ace which implies the dealer could have a blackjack and at such times you may have to consider such strategies as surrendering or taking insurance to safeguard against your losses. You are welcome to try online video poker.

Card Counting

Card counting is the only sure way blackjack players can use to reduce the house edge and win. There are various counting strategies ranging from simple to complex ones and you only need a method that you are comfortable with which does not make you confused.

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